EI providers by state

Here are the phone numbers and websites for getting information on EI services in each state. Note that in some states EI is primarily known by another name, such as First Steps or Birth to Three. Very often, the website provided here will list phone numbers for the Early Intervention office or program nearest you, so if you can start with the website you may save yourself a phone call or two. As of this website posting, evaluations are free of charge regardless of income unless otherwise noted. In some states, services are free as well; in other states, when fees are charged, they are usually on a sliding scale based upon income.


Call Child Find (800) 543-3098 or Alabama Dept. of Rehabilitation (334) 281-8780, Alabama website.

Alaska (“Infant Learning Program”)

Call the Alaska Early Intervention/Infant Learning Program (877) 477-3659 or in Anchorage, (907) 269-8442, Alaska website.


Call Arizona Department of Economic Security, Arizona Early Intervention Program at (888) 439-5609 or (602) 532-9960, Arizona website.

Arkansas (“First Connections”)

Call (800)-643-8258, Arkansas website.

California (“Early Start”)

Call (800) 515-2229 or send an e-mail to: earlystart@dds.ca.gov. California website.

Colorado (“Early Intervention Colorado”)

Call (888) 777-4041 Colorado website.

Connecticut (“Birth to Three System” through United Way)

Call (800) 505-7000 Connecticut website.

Delaware (“Birth to Three Early Intervention System” or “Child Development Watch”)

In New Castle County call (302) 995-8617; in Kent and Sussex Counties, call (302) 424-7300. Delaware website

Washington DC

Call the D.C. Early Intervention Program (DCEIP), (202) 727-5371.

Florida (“Early Steps”)

Call (800) 654-4440, Florida website.

Georgia (“Babies Can’t Wait”)

To access the directory of info about the BCW Program closest to you, call (800) 229- 2038 or (770) 451-5484 in Atlanta. The State BCW Office number is (404) 657-2726 or toll free: (888) 651-8224, Georgia website.

Hawaii (“Zero-to-3 Hawaii Project”)

For general information or a referral on Oahu, call (808) 594-0066, (800) 235-5477 on the other islands. Hawaii website.

Idaho (“Infant Toddler Program,” through Child Find)

Call (208) 334-5514, Idaho website.


Call the Bureau of Early Intervention (217)782- 1981, Illinois website.

Indiana (“First Step”)

Call (800) 441-STEP or (317) 232- 6092, Indiana website.

Iowa (“Early ACCESS”)

Call Heartland AEA at (515) 270-9030 or (800) 362-2720 or call Early ACCESS Iowa at (888) 425-4371 Iowa website.

Kansas (“Infant-Toddler Services”)

Call (800) 332-6262 or (785) 296-6135 Kansas website.

Kentucky (“First Steps”)

Call (800) 442-0087 Kentucky website.

Louisiana (“Early Steps”)

Call (866) 327-5978 Louisiana.

Maine (“Child Find”)

Call Child Development Services, part of the Maine Department of Education (207) 624-6660, Maine website.

Maryland (“Infant and Toddlers Program”)

Call (800) 535- 0182 or (410) 767-0261 Maryland website.


Call Family TIES, a statewide information, resource, referral, and support network for families at (800) 905-8437, Massachusetts website

Michigan (“Early On”)

Call (800) EARLY-ON, Michigan website.

Minnesota (“Help Me Grow”)

Call Early Childhood Intervention at (866) 693-4769 Minnesota website.

Mississippi (“First Steps”)

Call (800) 451-3903 (601) 576-7427, Mississippi website.

Missouri (“First Steps”)

Call (573) 522-8762, Missouri website.


Call (406) 247-3800 Montana website.


Call Nebraska Child Find (888) 806-6287, Nebraska website.

Nevada (“Project Assist”)

Call(800) 522-0066, Nevada website.

New Hampshire

Call the Family Resource Connection at (800) 298-4321, New Hampshire website.

New Jersey

Call (908) 964-5303, New Jersey website.

New Mexico (“Family Infant Toddler Program (FIT)”)

Call (877) 696-1472 or (505) 827-2578, New Mexico.

New York

Call the New York State “Growing Up Healthy” 24- hour hotline at (800) 522-5006 for information on your county’s program; in New York City call 311, for NYC Early Intervention Program from outside New York City call (212) 639-9675. New York website.

North Carolina

Call (919) 707-5520, North Carolina

North Dakota (“Right Track”)

Call (800) 755-8529 or (701) 328-8930. North Dakota

Ohio (“Help Me Grow”)

Call (800) 755-GROW, Ohio website.

Oklahoma (“Sooner Start”)

Call the OASIS program at (800) 426-2747, Oklahoma website.


Call the Oregon Department of Education Office of Student Learning & Partnerships, (503) 947-5738, Oregon website


Call the CONNECT information and referral number, (800) 692-7288 Pennsylvania website.

Rhode Island

Call the Department of Human Services (DHS) Info Line: (401) 462-5300 Rhode Island.

South Carolina (“BabyNet”)

Call (803) 898-0784, South Carolina website.

South Dakota (“Birth to 3 Connections”)

Call (800) 305-3064, South Dakota.


Call (800) 852-7157 or (615) 532-2809, Tennessee website.

Texas“Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)”

Call the EDARS Inquiries Line (800) 628-5115, Texas website.

Utah (“Baby Watch”)

Call (800) 961-4226, Utah website.

Vermont (“Family, Infant and Toddler Program of Vermont”)

Call the Vermont Dept. of Health (800) 863-7333 (from within Vermont)– 800-649-4357 Vermont website.

Virginia (“Infant and Toddler Connection of Virginia”)

Call (800) 234-1448, Virginia website.

Washington (“Infant Toddler Early Intervention Program”)

Call the “Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies” (800) 322-2588 or (800) 833-6384 for the name of the Family Resources Coordinator (FRC) in your area. Washington website.

West Virginia

Call (800) 642-8522 or (304) 558-5388 West Virginia.

Wisconsin (“Birth to Three Program”)

Call Wisconsin First Step (800) 642-7837, Wisconsin website.


Call (877) WYO-GROW. Wyoming website.