Visual Sensitivity

Visual hypersensitivity can significantly interfere with everyday life. Here are a few of the major culprits:

Fluorescent lights: people with auditory and visual sensitivity can see and hear fluorescent lights as they flicker on and off. This can range from mildly annoying to profoundly distracting.

Downcast lights: light that shoots straight down from the ceiling may be very difficult for people to tolerate.

Glare: From sunlight or artificial lighting, glare can make it difficult for people to see and concentrate.

Visual overcrowding: Too many things to look at in the environment can be overwhelming or even lead to a sensory “white out.” Too much movement in a playground may make it too uncomfortable for a child to play happily. Too many items on a bookshelf, in a toy bin, or in a dresser drawer may make it impossible to find a the desired item. Too many questions on a school worksheet can overload and discourage a student even if the student knows the material.

Here are some quick tips:

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