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Spring Cleaning

With powerful chemicals and strong odors, plus dust bunnies and mites on the loose, it’s no wonder sensory issues are often significantly worse when your house is cleaned. Cleaning products that contain ammonia, bleach, and pine oil send out toxic fumes that are irritating and can be physically painful to smell and inhale. These days there are many sensory-friendly, earth-friendly cleaning products on store shelves. Brands such as Method, Mrs. Meyers, and Ecover are easier on the senses for kids, adults, and pets, and better for the environment.

Even better for your family and the environment plus more cost-effective, try these cheap, time-testing green cleaning approaches:

Seasonal Allergies

Hay fever season is fast approaching, and will be earlier than usual in many parts of the country this year. Year after year, I’ve observed that sensory issues and unwanted behaviors become significantly worse when seasonal allergies crop up. Talk to your pediatrician or pediatric allergist to find the best approach to allergies for your child, and consider these tips:

Food Allergies

Some food allergies are extremely serious. For example, if your child is extremely allergic to nuts, not only cannot eat a single nut, but he should also not eat food prepared anywhere near a nut.

See Raising a Sensory Smart Child for more on advocating for your child at school, handling holidays and parties, and practical solutions for issues such as grooming, dressing, picky eating, and more.

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